.. über die Demo vom 21. Juni in Frankfurt:

Students are irate that they have to pay 500 euros a semester for college here, so they sat in the street and stood in front of trams and subway cars, and the German police, armed as can be, sat back and watched it all. They hovered above in helicopters and closed many streets, but allowed the demonstration to continue in precisely the location where it could derail most everything taking place on match day. [...]

Rather than turn over a few streets to these slackers, or corral them in some quarter, police allowed them to go anywhere they pleased.

I've definitely had enough of Frankfurt, and will shed no tears about not coming back. Probably my least favorite city thus far by a landslide.
Weiterlesen bei der Washington Post.

# Samstag, 24. Juni 2006, 18:40, von moe in Presse